1 – 2PM

Room 1 Promethean Activstudio 2 with Classflow – The latest update to the Promethean software including Classflow, the “all-in-one” teaching & lesson orchestration tool for delivering interactive multi-media lessons across connected classrooms

The session will look at how Classflow can help a teacher deliver, how easy it is to set up and use, and the impact it can have on teaching and learning. The session will also include a hands on session for attendees to create their first Classflow resource. There will also be opportunity for those who need support on using ActivStudio, to discuss their issues at the end of the session – See more 

Room 2 Kudlian Appfurnace – Software for education allowing teachers and students to design, create and run mobile device applications with ease – See more

2:30 – 3:30PM

Room 1 iPads in Science – This session will demonstrate a practical use for the iPad within the science curriculum using the Labdisc data logger which allows pupils to collect data remotely and then analyse and compare several data set using the free downloadable app. We will show how to collect, analyse and annotate experiments.

Room 2 Technology in Music –


Room 1 Promethean Activstudio 2 with Classflow Room 2 TBC Based on Demand

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