Resilient and optimized for the classroom.

50000 Hours expected lifetime, over 10 years of extended use.

ActivGlide® surface technology provides smooth multi-touch interactivity.

ActivGlide also enables the ActivPanel Touch’s high-definition display to offer low-glare,

low-reflectivity and a wide viewing angle.

ActivinspireIntegrate files and content from a variety of other applications, such as Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Adobe® and Smart Notebook™Dual interface—Easily switch between Primary for young learners and Studio for older students.Use the Equation Editor to add mathematical equations into a flipchart or into questions or response options for ActivExpression learner response devices.Cross-platform and flexible—Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. Extensive customization features—Create a profile to suit your teaching style and lesson requirements.



The design of this product directs the majority of the weight down to the seven point fixing floor plate, making it ideal for situations where the wall

is not strong enough for mounting. This Riser does not rely on the wall for any support or fixing, so is very easily relocated if required.

Power Lift Operation is smooth, quiet & very progressive with factory programmable upper & lower stop positions.

The lift from lowest to highest positions is approximately 675mm making it ideal for small children, right up to adult size users & very accessible for wheel chair users too.


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Promethean ActivBoard 65” Promethean ActivBoard 65”
ActivInspire 2.0 Pro software ActivInspire 2.0 Pro software
5 year ActivCare Plus Warranty 5 year ActivCare Plus Warranty
Disposal of your old whiteboards Disposal of your old whiteboards
Installation onto a solid wall Installation onto a solid wall
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